Melpex is reliable manufacturing company producing high quality instruments for the Professionals. Melpex also finish German forging of Nail Nippers and Orthodontic Pliers.


 We make following Instruments

01- Orthodontic Pliers and Instruments

02- Podiatry Nail Nippers and Instruments

03-Dental Extraction Forceps and General Instruments

04-Laboratory pliers

05-General Surgical Instruments

Melpex is among those few companies which are praised and developed business worldwide on behalf of highest quality instruments. Melpex is certified to internationally recognize manufacturing quality systems, ISO: 9001:2008, ISO: 13485:2003 C Mark and FDA and applied to manufacturing system as well. Melpex use latest technology and computerized CNC machines and skillful mechanical engineers and craftsmen in production unit. We produce each and every instrument in Melpex from first step to last (forging to finished instrument), and every instruments goes through restrict quality control system. High quality stainless steel, excellent craftsmanship, inspection of each instrument according to master sample and technical drawing which we apply in system makes Melpex instruments superior than others. When you select Melpex, You make great decision, you're choosing a partner that has made a firm assurance to supply you the highest quality.
Podiatry Instruments:
Melpex produce Nail Nippers using the highest grades of surgical stainless steel for the professionals. We offer maximum range of podiatry instruments.
Nail nipper formed with box-joint method which stops lateral play or staggering and it retains cutting edges alignment for life time. Each nail nipper conforms exactly to the shape and the master pattern.

Nail Nippers Rockwell 48 to 50 hardness.

Exactly specified sizes and shapes of handles fit with the natural movement of Your hands.

Nails never get entrapped into cutting blade.

Pleasant Satin Finish and round Edges give extra safety.


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