Reliable Manufacturing Company of Dental Instruments. Melpex represents affordable Orthodontic instruments made with German Forging.

All Instruments are Carefully Machine Milled, Grinned, Handcrafted and Finished in Melpex with German Forging.

No risk of Corrosion. Life time Guranttee.

All instruments are Guaranteed and Manufactured for Professional use.

Each and Every Instrument goes through unyielding quality control system from development and production to the inspected finished instruments.

Each and Every Instrument has been checked carefully for its functions and best results to fullfill desires of worthy Clients.







We manufacture Orthodontic Pliers with Carbide Jaw and without Carbide Jaw.

Carbide Tips are being inserted into the working tips of orthodontic pliers. By using this special material during tempering, a high HRC is obtained which allows to achieve a perfect grind and an extraordinary lifetime of the instrument. Compared to other types of stainless steel instruments, pliers with TC inserts are more sensitive to chemicals and require there fore special care.


Needle Holders

Precision quality standard. The precise profil assures a firm, excellent needle grip. Rotation of needle and/or slipping of suture material is Virtually eliminated. The ratchet provides controlled grip pressure and smooth grip release. Easy to open and to close.

Tapered serrated tip for placement of elastic modules.

Narrow tip designed for easy placement of elastic modules.



Bracket and Band Placing Instruments

Made by Stainless Steel.

Reverse action will not release bracket until desired. Aligns
brackets by placing the opposite end into the bracket's slot

Mershon Band Pusher

• Metal serrated triangle tip
• Molded high impact plastic
• Safe for dry heat sterilizers

High Heat Bite Stick.

Reduced risk of slippage Lightweight hollow handle



The points fit well when closed so that it is possible to cut with the even tips only. Well fitted blades lie on top of each other when closed.Razor Sharp Scissors are manufactured from the highest grades of steel and perfect finished to insure excellent balance, great control and proper blade alignment. High Grade Steel Provides accuracy from pivot to point.

Measuring Gauge

Due to the multifunctional character it is easy to set an implant. The measuring Gauges allow a fast and defined control of parallel and symmetrical distances between
implants in distal and mesial direction.
The hole at the end of the sliding callipers serves as a drilling gauge, drilling guide and depth measurement.


Steri-Wash Tray (5-pack) Size: 180 x 70 x 25 mm

Steri-Wash Tray (for 20 pieces) Size: 280 x 180 x 30 mm

Steri-Wash Tray (for 10 pieces) 180 x 135 x 25 mm

Steri-Wash Tray (Signature Cassettes) Stainless Steel